Friday, November 20, 2009


What's the difference between kiasu and non-kiasu? Let me show u the difference with these 2 videos I embedded below. First one is mine and the 2nd, my fren - noobkid's.

I know the previous posts have been friggin boring - all words no image no videos no sound no nuthin. I think by looking at these short videos u might feel nth but if u did these urselves u'll know how much time and wasted so many hours meant for DotA effort u havta put into these. Anyway, I lmao'ed when I saw his video haha. So much drama for a final assignment.

Non-Kiasu (mine)

Kiasu (Ian's)



In case u dunno, kippadoo means hurray or yahoo... at least i think so. I first heard this word when watching the detective pooh or what shit where Tigger kept saying this word after doing sth that satisfies him. No, i dun like watching shows from playhouse disney channel. I was there when my lil sis was watching lol.

Neeways, I finally gone thru the final exams. I din really use the word kippadoo this time bcoz I think I put in too little effort in studying so I dun feel satisfied even after the exams has ended. No effort = No sense of achievement. But I can say this - I'm pretty damn lucky I got to study most of the contents that came out. I was flipping thru all the notes of hundreds of pages but I stopped and focused on some particular subtopics which I think will come out and they all did come out - for all 3 friggin subjects. For every subject I revised for not more than 3/4 day - din really gave much attention, din give a shit. Still playing the nights b4 exam. Maybe I had this kind of attitude all along but fuck this habit aint sth worth being proud of. Hope I get good results. Wanna raise my CGPA man.

Birthday happened during the busy period as always. Got a close collegemate who have the same birthdate as me but he's 2 yrs older older =)

Simply celebrated at SS2 Murni and a few rounds of dota in blitzone. Better than nth I guess. Hanging out with good friends though doing common activities like usual.

Fuck what have I been typing till now? I miss my brudder. I miss playing with smackmyface along with H3X4GON. He's so far. Not coming back so soon. Haiz...

I wanna go home. I wanna go back to Sarawak. Save me from this madness. Last assignment to go...


Monday, September 28, 2009


ADV: I'm now officially in the state of S.A.D.(single & desperate) and I'm recruiting members to share our sorrow. Anyone interested?

Neways I saw Patrick Liong, our beloved chemistry teacher at Pineapple Restaurant last Saturday when I was having my dinner with my family. He waved at me first before I greeted him back. He still remembers me though I have this stupid haircut that guaranteed my state of singleness. Touched I am.

Bintulu sure is small. Everytime I go to the airport sure can see familiar faces one. Damn funny. This time the ones on the same flight with me are Azrul Danial and Chong Jia Wen, though I barely know the latter.

Had a good reunion chat with Azrul. Bid farewell at KLIA. Geez after so much text that I've typed, now I realize all are crap.

Post Scriptum: Her in my post title refers to the red haired girl who gave me the 20+mins of hair wash and massage. Haiz if only I tried to talk to her that day. Regrettt.

*extra story* it's like dis. I went to that queen or princess hair salon near popular corner there. i told the barber cincai cut. cut anything she think that fits me. but she gave me crap. i fukin sien lo. so i ask her gimme hairwash b4 i leave, at least make me feel that coming here was not for nothing. den the fat barber ask dat lenglui come help me wash loh. she ask me wan how much one. i say cheapest and she started his work. so there she goes washin my hair and also massage all the way down to the shoulders. the people there offered me mags to read but im not interested so i just sat there looking indirectly thru the mirror at her from time to time haha. sometimes she look back at me oso with this indescribable 眼神(somewhat cool and unflinching even when our eyes crossed), I LIKE. high dao. then everything finish liao. i tot dmn expensive one cuz so long. den i go pay loh. the barber busy attending to other customer so the girl go to the cashier lo. she ask the barber rm15[rm10 haircut, rm5 hairwash] isit?(walao she knew that the hairwash was worth only around rm5 and yet she gave me heaven for such a long time) but de barber said rm22(MAYBE bcoz she see her give me extra service haha) and that's my happy ending*extra story* ...也许我想太多了哈哈

Yours emotionally,

Saturday, September 26, 2009


My hymen's been pierced.

I mean I'm not a road virgin anymore haha.

Been practicing driving these past few days on the old airport runways but that doesn't count. It's not like I nvr drove on the road before it's just that I learned driving using manual transmission in a small car which is meant for pussies while my dad got a big ass automatic transmission Ford Everest. Have to familiarize myself with its size ya know. Anyway, it ain't as hard as I thought. Feelin a great sense of accomplishment now haha.

... sorry for wasting 2 mins of your life. Now fuk off and get back to what u were doin and suck on it.